Some Of The Different Types Of T-Shirt Materials

Don’t know your cotton from your polyester? No worries. We are here to help guide you through your t-shirt selection process! Below is a list of the different types of t-shirt fabrics you can find.

Organic Cotton T-shirts


Organic cotton is a cotton that is grown with a much smaller amount of pesticides and fertilizers. This fabric is usually a little more pricier than treated cotton, but also softer.

Combed Cotton T-shirts

combed cotton

Combed cotton is a tougher, smooth, and soft fabric which is made by combing fine brushes through the fabric, which as a result removes short strands and straighten fibers.


jersey cotton

This material allows for more flexibility, and stretchiness due to the way it is knit. Jersey is usually made from synthetic blend or cotton and offers maximum comfort.


linen cotton

Did you know that linen is made from the flax plant? This fabric is a fabric which is quick to dry and as a result, makes it cool to wear. The only downside of linen is that it is easy to wrinkle.


Polyester is known for keeping its shape . It resists well to shrinkage, and does not wrinkle easily. Polyester however, is not very breathable


rayon fabric
This fabric is a man made fabric that is made out of woody plants, and cotton. It rinkles, but has a silky feel to the hand.

Rib Knit

rib knit
Rib knit fabric is a thick garment with lots of flexibility. It is a thick, ridged pattern.

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Funny T-Shirts

Got a funny t-shirt idea and want to sell them to others? We can help you design, and print a custom shirt for you! Our design team can create shirts just like these, and we are also clever enough to help you nail the punchlines!

Here is a short list of some funny t-shirts we have found around the web. Enjoy!

1. Are you street smart..? Are you… Sesame Street smart?

funny tees

2. For the expecting, watermelon eating mother:

funny tee

3. For the procrastinators out there, this t-shirt is for you:

hilarious tee

4. Zzz:

clever t-shirt

5. For the Nirvana fans… and kitten fans alike!

clever shirt

6. The Internet loves cats, so there must be 2 cat t-shirts in this list:

funny t-shirt

7. And finally, working out your buns of cinnamon.

funny shirt

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