Types Of Fitness Shirts

There are specific shirts that are designed to be worn during exercise use, and we compiled a list for you to familiarize yourself with.  Workout shirts are typically made from a non-irritating and breathable fabric that is flexible and allows maximum comfort during workout.  These shirts are designed with performance in mind and can be found in a wide range of styles and fabrics.  Short-sleeve, tank tops, and long-sleeve fitness shirts are among the selection.

Athletic Fabric Types


Polyester is a common choice in fitness wear because of its lightweight qualities and its breathability.  This fabric also dries fast.  Polyester however, is prone to collect static and its surface can attract lint balls and fluff.


Nylon is an inexpensive material that has similar qualities to polyester.  It is lightweight, strong, and has the ability to dry fast, and is easy to maintain.


Cotton fitness shirts are great for moderate exercise, but there are better materials to be worn while doing a more rigorous workout.  Cotton accumulates moisture, and can get soaked during a heavy workout.  It does not breathe as well as synthetic materials.  When washing cotton, it also tends to shrink slightly.  Cotton is much more affordable than its competitors.


Spadex is a very stretchable material that can stretch about 500 percent its original size, and recover to its original size perfectly.  A common spandex material that you will see in fitness wear is Lycra, which is a stretchy synthetic fabric.  This fabric does not create static cling and fluff.   It is a breathable and quick drying material that is resistant to bacteria.

Types Of Workout Shirts

Muscle Shirts / Tank Tops, Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve Workout T-Shirts

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