Different Ways To Customize T-Shirts

ways to customize a shirt

We have been in this business for many years and have seen all types of methods to make a great piece of clothing! You can actually do a lot with plain clothing, and it’s always a great start if you are a startup clothing line, or just want something unique for your company. Here are a couple ways to spice up the looks of a plain t-shirt.

Screen Printing

screen printed tees

The most common is screen printing. Screen printing is a method used to put artwork permanently onto cotton and other fabrics. It is a method that stands the test of time. There are many different techniques to screen printing art onto clothing. You can simply screen print artwork onto the chest, sleeve, back, hems of a shirt OR you can get oversized screen prints that can cover the entire garment. Although the oversized screen print sounds like a good idea, the artwork actually gets a little distorted on the hems and shoulders if the printer chooses to print on a pre-sewn shirt.

Tie Dye

tie dye tshirt ottawa

Tie dye is still cool right…? Of course it is, when done right. Tie dye is a classic method used to create a customized garment. Works best with cotton and adds a unique effect on every piece. A mixture of tie dye and screen printing also ends up as a decent end product, and that extra detail could add value to the product. It comes down to good design when combining the two. For example: You would want to work with a white material, and pick a solid color to dye the shirt like, purple, for this example, and then screen print some white artwork on the front. BOOM, you have a unique design that is more than just traditional print on a shirt.


bleaching a t-shirt

You can actually make some cool effects with black or colored garments, and adding bleach to them. When working with a black shirt, adding bleach to it gives this cool fire-like effect. Just Youtube it, and you will see what I mean.


embroidery ottawa

Embroidery is a classic method. Embroidery offers an ultra long lasting piece of artwork. Complex or simple, it can still look great. Embroidery does however, cost a little more than a traditional screen print.


sublimation ottawa

Sublimation has really gained in popularity over the last couple of years. Sublimation gives the ability to print full color designs on the entire garment. You can see this method be used on polyester items such as jerseys, and bicycling outfits. Clothing lines have really adapted to using this method and have made some very unique, eye catching pieces. You would have to adjust your prices accordingly as sublimation does cost a little more than a traditional screen print.


Do you own a sewing machine? If you were looking to have a different take on a blank product, you can consider sewing shapes, or additional pockets and zippers to your product.

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